Why would you want a giant iPad?


Apple is apparently considering introducing larger-screen iPads in a few years. But who are these for and does it make sense to do so unless there are major UI improvements?

Who needs a bigger iPad?
There are some groups who want a larger screen iPad that will run the latest version of iPadOS. Graphic designers and architects may want the extra space to design with the Apple Pencil; statistical analysis could be a little simpler; Photographers, videographers, and music editors using iPads in their workflow can see some benefits. And of course, a huge iPad would provide a good gaming experience.

The challenge, however, is that as iPads get bigger, they also get heavier, which means these things can be a little tricky to work with. To borrow from what then-CEO Steve Jobs said when he presented the original iPads, you can use them in an armchair, but not for long. Your wrists will start to hurt.

This implies that these iPads are built to be used on desks and tables, which in itself means that you can use external controllers such as an Apple Pencil, mice, keyboards, or even third-party game controllers to use them.

Is less more?
That means these bigger iPads could end up taking a strange new segment of the market where the product is less portable than the current 12.9-inch device. Model and less multitasking and some different tasks than the computers they are trying to replace.

While there are a small number of professional users for whom these things are great, most will opt for a smaller iPad for portability or a Mac for more complex tasks.

The case for these things does not seem clear. Still.

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