1. Shipping rates & costs

For standard product policy, we don’t charge any shipping fees from local and international delivery. Product price lowers than $10 will get a free gov’t postoffice delivery that may take longer than the standard delivery time. Product price over $10 will get a standard (3 days local & 7 – 10 days international) Delivery.

2. Shipping methods and delivery times

For standard delivery (Product price over $10) We use DHL, UPS, and Royal Mail Classic delivery solutions.

Delivery time may vary, For local delivery in the USA and UK it will be 3 days from the order and for International orders, It may take 7 to 10 days.

3. Shipping restrictions

We don’t ship products in Afganistan, Seria, and Somalia due to some shipping restrictions.

4. Missing or lost packages

If the customer didn’t receive the package within 10 business days, He/She should contact Digibun support so our representative can check the issues if the package is lost or missing. In that case, Digibun will send the same product again with priority shipping or the customer can claim the refund.

5. International shipping

We ship all over the world except few restricted countries. Our shipping partners are DHL, UPS, Royal Mail, and FedEx.

6. Return and exchange information

We have a very convenient return policy, you can get a damaged product or changing the product you don’t like within a week. You can find more details on our “Return” page.

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