How AI can make meetings smarter


If you’ve seen Iron Man, you may remember JARVIS, Tony Stark’s intelligent assistant. Machines this smart stay in the realm of science fiction, but I’ve identified several iOS-compatible tools that can bring some real Artificial Intelligence (AI) to your next gathering.

Encounter with AI
The pandemic should rightly have inspired a rapidly evolving “Encounter AI”. Cisco views the space as a five-step process where voice control turns into semantic understanding and predictive intelligence as the industry evolves.

Think of it this way: You could be in a hybrid meeting with a mix of personal and remote speakers. How could AI improve this environment?

Here are some ideas on how this could work, some of the solutions already available, and some ideas on how this technology can move forward.

‘Hello Siri … plus’
First the voice control. We’re already at it. Now you can use Siri to schedule meetings, invite others to meetings, send emails, and more. You can also create Siri shortcuts to start and join Zoom or WebEx meetings and more.

While this is relatively useful, it’s not exactly modern, and I don’t think the neural engine Apple built into its chips is really serious, although it’s nice to know that the request needs to be fully processed in iOS 15 the device.

Of course, these days meetings are best set up using Doodle to determine availability.

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