Apple previews Safari 15 on Big Sur, no macOS beta necessary


Like clockwork, Apple will release the only Safari update for the year this fall, when it releases its new version of macOS, also known as Monterey.

Mac users can now jump on that timeline by grabbing a copy of the preview Apple just provided for Safari 15, which runs on the still-current Big Sur operating system.

While the developers of the other browsers, which dominate Webstart, update every few weeks, Google and Microsoft will start this pace with their Chrome and Edge browsers this fall, while Mozilla’s Firefox is already adhering to this schedule, Apple is taking its weather. It really takes time. That means Apple is adding more new features to its annual Safari update than Google, Microsoft, or Mozilla to half a dozen updates.

It’s Tab City, Jake

Among the most notable changes in Safari are several that relate, directly or indirectly, to tabs. No wonder, because the tabs are still one of the few UI (UI) elements that are left over after the run for minimalism, sanded, removed and almost every other chrome element cleaned of the content of the active page.

In addition to the changes to the Safari user interface: a compressed toolbar with less visible commands.

Safari 15 has a toolbar at the top of the frame that combines the address bar with the tab bar and, so to speak, unites everything in one “line”. The eyelashes themselves have more rounded corners and the active eyelash is much more visible due to its darker color. (In Safari 14, it was difficult, sometimes impossible, to know which tab was the active page that was being displayed.)

The merged tab / address bar means the page content has a little more vertical space, offset by a reduction in the horizontal capacity of the tabs. The active tab and address bar share storage space – clicking an inactive tab not only activates it, but also frees up the address bar to enter a URL or a search term, which may not be worthwhile depending on how many tabs a user is leaving would like to. to open.

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